Insurance product brokering

Insurance can be an effective way to demonstrate to investors that unwanted and unnecessary risks are being managed. This makes it easier to raise finance for funds, businesses, and projects.

We help clients understand and secure insurance products that were developed specifically for frontier market investors and businesses.

Specialist in MIGA political risk insurance

DeRisk is has deep expertise related to the World Bank Group's political risk insurance agency, MIGA. Though independent from MIGA, DeRisk facilitates and guides investors throughout the insurance procurement process - providing this service at no additional cost to investors.


MIGA offers a unique kind of political risk insurance (PRI): one that prevents losses through deterrence rather than simply paying insurance claims. MIGA provides political risk guarantees for cross-border investors. As a member of the World Bank Group, with shareholders from both host countries and investor countries, MIGA acts as a potent restraint on potentially damaging government actions. Even if disputes do arise, MIGA’s leverage with host governments frequently enables the agency to resolve differences. Should deterrence and dispute resolution fail, MIGA compensates investors for losses arising from risk events covered by the MIGA guarantee policy.


DeRisk was the first marketing agent authorized by MIGA, and has completed over 25 MIGA transactions since September 2009.


OPIC, Lloyd's and other specialist insurance markets

The US Government insurer, OPIC, the Lloyd's market and other private sector insurers offer very similar - and often more flexible and easily processed - coverage to MIGA. DeRisk advises clients on securing coverage and facilitates applications at no additional cost to investors. 

Advice on risk mitigation

DeRisk offers expert advice to investors and businesses in frontier markets on how to mitigate risks. We work with our clients to turn good opportunities into successful investments.


Transaction support services.  There are now many financial, insurance, guarantee and technical support facilities designed to support investors. Knowing all the possibilities for raising funds and accessing facilities can be time-consuming and costly. DeRisk advises on what facilities are available to investors and how to plan their project preparation and investment processes to ensure eligibility.


Compliance with ESG standards.  A volatile and changing climate, other ecological concerns and relations with local communities are issues that increasingly must be actively addressed by investors and businesses. DeRisk is familiar with the ESG standards required by many financial institutions and insurance providers.


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